How to create and optimize GBP

How to Create and Optimize GBP


The world is coming into the grip of your hands. Physical outlets are transitioning to online platforms, and the online world is working on things that are convenient to all.

As a result, Google has come up with Google My Business (GMB), which is now known as Google Business Profile (GBP).

It is mainly a free service given to the businesses and the other organizations which helps them to verify their businesses on online platforms to be on Google maps and search.

Every business wants recognition and they must know how to create and optimize GBP.

Step 1: First of all, go to this link.

Step 2: You must add your business’ name. And the name must be unique so that it could be recognizable to your customers. Just like how Instagram user id works.

Step 3: Location of your business. It would help the customer to find your business on Google Maps.

Step 4: Hours of operation. So that customers know when the business can respond to them. And update it frequently.

Step 5: Monitoring and replying to customer reviews. So that customers know your business cares about customer satisfaction.

Step 6: Adding photos. You must add the original photos taken by your business to its goods or services. So it doesn’t mislead the customers. Images can increase the number of visitors to your website.

Step 7: The areas you serve. For example: If you have more than one outlet then provide this information there

Step 8: Give your contact numbers information and social media links if there are any. Even if they have social media access they must know how to create and optimize GBP.  So that customers can get more confident while purchasing your services.

Step 9: Free ads with Google posts. You can engage more by displaying free ads on Google posts. Such as news, promotional events, or anything you want to share.

Step 10: Yes. Just like the website SEO, your Google Business Profile can also rank higher if you use keywords and search phrases properly.

Step 11: Booking features should be there as well. It would give customers the opportunity to book their appointment directly via the Google Business Profile. This may lead to greater inquiries and bookings.

Most Common Reasons Why Your Business Is Not Showing Up in Google Searches or Maps

Why Your Business Is Not Showing
  • Your Google Business Profile account may have been suspended.
  • Also if your business is located far from the center of the town or the city.
  • If your Google Business Profile account is not verified, you won’t be showing up in the google search or maps.

Once the Google Business Profile is created the Google maps location is generated, and it synchronizes with the Google search for easier accessibility and searchability.

It is good to understand Google Business Profile and its value. Using Google Business Profile is free and it doesn’t replace your business website at all. It gives the already existing website a public identity with a profile on Google.

The information would appear in Google Maps and Google Search that was provided by Google Business Profile.

If you have worked with several google tools previously then it is likely to happen that your business has already been listed on Google Business Profile.

And if your business is established for many years now it is likely to have a Google Business Profile you just need to claim it. It will notify you if it already has your profile. If someone else claims it before you, it will also notify you.

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If Anything Like This Happens, Do These

  1. You need to request your ownership to find your Business Profile.
  3. Enter your business name and address.
  4. Find your business on Google Maps or search.
  5. Then click on Claim this business.
  1. Click to Continue.
  1. Click on Request access and then there will be a form. Fill it out!
  1. Then click on Submit.

After requested for ownership the current profile owner will get about three days to respond.

If your request is approved you will get notified.

If your request is denied you will also get notified, you may still be able to appeal the denied request.

If you don’t get any response after three days, you may claim it by yourself.

Why Should You Optimize Your GBP

  • It is a cost effective way to attract more customers.
  • Customers can directly be in touch with you by making calls or messages.
  • And customers are most likely to buy if they use Google Maps
  • Highlight your business on the web.
  • Increases traffic and sales of your business.
  • Boost your petition with reviews.
  • You can share your information with your customers through Google Business Profile.
  • Free Google Advertising.
  • Work with SEO.
  • Answer the queries of your customers.

GBP allows your customers to give reviews and it encourages the business to answer them all or as many reviews as possible.If your customers use your keywords in their reviews it is likely to help your business rank higher. And it is not that complicated to learn how to create and optimize GBP.


Conclusively, the process of how to create and optimize GBP might be complicated and very confusing at first. But you can also take special help from people who are good with such work.

Because Google Business Profile is significant for your business that all the hard work and complications would pay off if you manage to finely work on it without giving up.

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