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The success of your company’s marketing plan depends on Google reviews. More Google reviews are your lifeline to higher internet visibility and more purchases, especially if you run a local service business. However, what happens if your Google business reviews are hidden? Perhaps one of your five-star Google reviews vanished or was lost, which caused your star rating to decrease.

It can be frustrating when Google reviews for your business don’t appear even though you wish to display them. You put in a lot of effort to obtain those reviews, and your business deserves the praise. If you are wondering – why aren’t my Google reviews showing up, keep reading to know the reason and solution. GBP Cheap is one of the best options if you want to purchase Google reviews!

Why Are Google Reviews Important for Businesses?

It’s critical not to underestimate the significance of consumer reviews. They demonstrate your reputation, support your placement in the “Local 3-Pack,” and enhance the effectiveness of Google Ads for local services.

Additionally, Google reviews aid in closing sales. Online review statistics show that before choosing a local business, prospective clients read an average of more than ten reviews. But if reviews are lost on Google, what use are they? Imagine how you would feel if a five-star review praising your exceptional customer service suddenly vanished.

What Is the Google Review Policy?

Why aren’t your Google reviews appearing if this is happening to you? The Google Review Policy may be at blame. Google has strict standards for reviews that apply to user reviews on its site.

Prohibited and Restricted Content and Format-Specific Criteria for Text Reviews and Captions are two important regulations that may have an impact on Google reviews disappearing.

  • Prohibited and Restricted Content: Reviews are covered by Google’s Prohibited and Restricted Content Policy. All reviews are examined by Google to see whether any need to be deleted due to issues like spam, fraudulent reviews, derogatory language, or conflicts of interest. If a Google review of your company ever stops appearing out of the blue, it might have done so in violation of this Google guideline. Inappropriate or off-topic reviews are flagged and removed by Google if they are found because they violate their policy.
  • Format-Specific Criteria for Text Reviews and Captions: Google has established what they refer to as Format-Specific Criteria, including for “text reviews and captions,” that can determine a review’s eligibility in addition to Prohibited and Restricted Content. For instance, you cannot pay for reviews, intentionally discourage bad reviews, or selectively solicit only good reviews. Therefore, have you ever wondered “why my Google reviews are not showing up?” You might be breaking some of these instances from Google’s format-specific requirements.

Why Aren’t My Google Reviews Showing Up?

Let’s go over the whole list of potential causes for the disappearance of Google reviews for your company so you can correctly diagnose your specific circumstance.

1. Embedded Links in Google Reviews

When it comes to including URLs and links in reviews, Google has snug rules. Reviews with URLs are almost immediately deleted. This is because Google believes reviews that contain URLs are likely spam. Try to contact the consumer and request that they modify their review to remove the link before Google takes it down if you see a review that has a link and hasn’t been taken down yet.

2. Google Review Marked as Spam

Google is strict about eliminating any spam reviews since they believe that quality is of the utmost importance. A review must adhere to Google’s review policy regarding Prohibited and Restricted content to avoid being flagged as spam. Google also marks reviews that have been flagged as spam.

3. Fake Google Reviews

Google flags review created from accounts without a name, photo, or other crucial information as fraudulent Google reviews because it values transparency and authenticity. When a company buys Google reviews, it frequently results in the submission of phony reviews. When this happens, the majority of these evaluations are produced by bots utilizing fictitious profiles.

4. Google Reviews Temporarily Disabled

Google has in the past resorted to temporarily suspending the review part of Google Business Profiles when traffic is excessive and there aren’t enough working team members. For instance, Google temporarily blocked reviews at the beginning of the current global health crisis. It’s normal for reviews to disappear during such circumstances. Customers won’t be able to post new reviews, and neither will you be able to reply to any already posted ones.

5. Newly Listed Business

Customers might not have found your Google Business Profile yet if your company is new to Google because it may not yet be ranking highly and may be hard to find. Therefore, it’s imperative to step up your marketing efforts if you want to draw in more clients. Your business will receive more reviews the more clients you bring in.

6. Inactive Google Business Profile

Your company may lose its Google verification status if you haven’t updated your Google Business Profile in a while and your consumers aren’t engaging with it anymore. Additionally, Google deactivates Business Profiles that lose their eligibility. The public will not be able to see any new or updated customer reviews because unverified businesses will not rank on Google Search or Google Maps.

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How to Fix Missing Google Reviews

If your Google reviews are not appearing, you can fix the problem by doing the following:

  • Gather as much proof as you can that your new reviews are not being displayed. Screenshots of reviews that are hidden on your Google Business Profile may be included here.
  • To request review transfers, get in touch with support and give them your case number and information about the recent restoration of your Google Business Profile.
  • To get help with your missing reviews for Google Business Profiles that haven’t recently been suspended, you must contact Google Support.
  • If you’re not happy with Google’s assistance, you can publish your complaint on the Google Business Profile Community to reach a Google employee who will be sympathetic.

Google reviews are one of the best approaches to achieving a growing collection of excellent recommendations for your business. Make sure to always get more Google reviews so you can maintain your star rating and outperform your local competition. This will ensure you never run out of reviews, even if a few disappear.

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